Mapa riaformosa
Mapa riaformosa
Ria Formosa Natural Park
A - Barreta Island

About 11 km of silence and quiet characterize the Wild Island, its nature invites tranquility and rest, a true paradise.

Farol Islands
B - Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a beautiful and unmissable place, it is currently more touristy, with beach bars and restaurants well sports and nautical activities.

Hangares Islands
C - Hangars

There are few who heard the hangars, but this town has many stories and memories, a place with its own identity.

Armona Islands
D - Culatr a

Culatra is an island of people dedicated to the sea. With more than 750 inhabitants, the island has several infrastructures and services.

ODYSSEY Boat Tours
and - Barrinha

A magnificent wild beach that stifies the Ria Formosa from the Atlantic Ocean. A hidden paradise, nature in a pure state.

Armona Islands
f - Armona

With nine kilometers long, it is much sought after by tourists and locals in summer, with many houses for rent and activities to do.

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