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Organize together with our company an ideal tour for you and spend an incredible day in pure tranquility and tranquility, where you can customize your own routes, as well as the stops and your stop time!

Have the boat all to yourself and your group and create a day to stay forever in your memory and that of your friends!

Surprise the people you love or your group of friends.

In cooperation with our team, we create unique and personalized moments, helping to become unforgettable!

From deserted beaches to all islands, there are many possible stopping destinations.

All prepared by the Odyssey team and with the goal of service excellence from start to finish, to provide you with an unforgettable and unique trip!

We are always interested in collaborating and thinking about special requests or dedications!

The tour can be done in the morning with lunch included or in the late afternoon with dinner and sunset, can be accompanied by music of your choice and drinks and snacks on board, as well as offer a photo at the end for the whole group.

The skipper will always go during the tour according to the group’s ideas and always do everything possible to make everything go as desired!

The captain of the boat has a vast knowledge about the region , which will during your tour, inform about various curiosities and customs of the region , and during the stops , all are free to engage in any kind of activities on the respective islands, advised by the captain of the vessel.

Ria Formosa
1st - Culatra Island

This community of fishermen is very interesting to explore, to know its history and visit all the small streets and the typical houses of the region. Lunch is possible on the Island as there are several restaurants. We will always help to book a table or advise restaurants so that guests do not waste too much time in line and/or choose the restaurant.

2nd - Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a very interesting community to visit. It is more frequented in summer, since most of the existing houses are for rent for holidays. When we reach the community there are several bars and cafes to drink a refreshing drink. If we continue towards the sea we will face a wonderful huge lighthouse with lots of history, excellent to be enjoyed and take pictures !

3rd - Desert Beach

For many, the best deserted beach in the Algarve that is on the final tip of the island of Culatra that is on the final point of the island of Culatra where is possible to see the dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the light blue of the Ria Formosa! You will have the opportunity to dive, swim and take unique photos! An authentic paradise! This beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet places in the Algarve, with a vast sandy beach, with plenty of space to relax!

4th - Armona

This island is quite large and probably one of the most sought after in the entire Ria Formosa ! Undoubtedly one of the most interesting islands , the only problem is that summer there are enough people and thus becoming a more saturated and noisy destination in high season heights and from there avoid this stop in high season.

5th - Hângares

A community without a doubt very special , with lots of stories to tell , where peace is notorious in relation to all other Islands. For those who have never heard of the Hângares will certainly be surprised about all the secrets that this small village has to tell ! Very interesting a short walk through the few houses built in this core, where we can also find a café, simply for a refreshment or a snack.

6th - Desert island

On this wild island, once on the beach, the sand is immense and is lost in sight. Near Faro, it is known for its unspoilt nature, are about 10 kilometers of tranquility and silence, both on the sea beach and in the ria. Here the cordon dunes preserves a typical vegetation and gives hostel to numerous marine species. There are no houses on the island, the water is crystal clear and it is a quiet and idyllic spot for a day trip. The only building is a restaurant visible in the photos.


Farol Island

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Culatra island

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Ria Formosa

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Ria Formosa Natural Park

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Hangares Islands

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Mapa riaformosa
Mapa riaformosa
Why choose this trip?
Odyssey Tour Ria Formosa Natural Park
All AS Islands

You can choose where to make the stops and how long in each, a tour made to your measure and preference! If the tour is long we can visit all the islands !

Odyssey Boat Tours

This is the ideal tour if you prefer to know all the ria formosa , in private with your own group or family !


You will have the opportunity to taste the gastronomy of the region on the island of Culatra, in which you can enjoy the bivalves! ( Ameijôa , Cockles , Oysters )


On this trip, we will also observe nature, biodiversity and all the wonderful landscapes hidden in this treasure of ours!

It was a sequence of unforeseen events that brought together 5 people on a memorable tour. Carlos was super professional and an unforgettable human being. Congratulations on sharing your vast knowledge and for your simplicity and friendliness.
Cris Alex
ODYSSEY , 2019
A unique experience, a breathtaking landscape. The guide who accompanied us was undoubtedly an excellent professional, attentive, friendly, a box of surprises! THANK YOU for everything, Carlos. LOVED. I strongly advise.
ODYSSEY , 2019

included during the tour

fresh drinks

Enjoy cold drinks for all tastes, water, sumo or beer!

Snorkeling And Beach Games

We provide several different activities to the client to enjoy during stops on the beaches !

Photo offer

A reminder of our company to have a physical memory of an excellent day spent with friends, family or the half face!


We have binoculars at your disposal on every boat, for the best and effective observation of Nature and Biodiversity!


We are equipped with sunguards as well as protection during travel, with boat equipped with awnings!

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Small Groups

We are a more familiar company and work with groups of up to 11 people, where we can offer the best attention and quality of tour!


Our team is composed of skippers with a large experience and notion of responsibility. Professionalism is part of our daily life.


We have a lot of respect and empathy for all our customers and all those around us, we help in everything we can!

our tours can be conditioned by:

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