Natural Park of the Ria

Barrier Islands

The barrier island system of the Ria Formosa consists of five islands and two peninsulas (from west to east – Ancão, Barreta or Deserta, Culatra, Armona, Tavira, Cabanas and Cacela).

Consequently, the islands constitute a barrier between the lagoon and the ocean. The Ria Formosa barrier island system has some unique or rare features in all similar global systems.


On all islands there are cafes or restaurants, and in some mini markets. Enjoy an authentic and delicious meal from the typical region, especially the bivalves of the Ria Formosa and Grilled Fish.


You have the opportunity to have only for you several miles of deserted beaches! Relax and let yourself be carried away by the noise of the oceans. A unique and special experience.


You may have the possibility to perform many leisure activities in the Ria Formosa, such as camping, water activities (Kayaque, water sports)

the 3 different islands and their villages
A - Barreta Island

About 11 km of silence , Deserta is a Wild Island and her nature invites tranquility and rest, a true paradise.

Praia do Farol
B - Lighthouse

The Farol is a beautiful and unmissable place ! It is currently more touristy, with beach bars and restaurants , sports and nautical activities.

C - Hangars

There are few who heard the Hangares, but this villa has many stories and memories, a place with its own identity.

D - Culatra

Culatra is an island of people dedicated to the sea. With more than 750 inhabitants, the island has several infrastructures and services.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-17 at 18.54.13 - Cópia

E - Desert beach

A magnificent wild beach that stifies the Ria Formosa from the Atlantic Ocean. A hidden paradise, nature in a pure state.

f - Armona

With nine kilometers long, it is much sought after by tourists and locals in summer, with many houses for rent and activities to do.

Holiday Houses




The armona


It is a popular place for sailing, canoeing, diving, recreational fishing. Several holiday houses can be found for rent on the island during all the year !

With nine kilometers long, Armona makes part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. It’s 15 minutes distance between the crowded beaches and the ones that are serene and empty.

The movement of motor vehicles is prohibited ! Its a few cafes available on the island. Away from houses and cafes, they are just deserted beaches, even in summer.



Fishermen's Community




This location, Culatra Island, will become energy-sustainable. It was one of six islands selected at European level to serve as a pilot project, alongside, for example, La Palma in Spain or Sifnos in Greece.

Alongside the sustainable project, the Island is being invested in several new infrastructures and refurbished pavements.
The idea is that, in the future, Culatra can produce the energy it consumes.

Culatra is an island of people dedicated to the sea. When we landed at Culatra we realized that we are in a place of fishermen.

It is an island situated in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, with about 750 inhabitants, mostly fishermen.

The village is endorsed with various infrastructures and services (schools, restaurants, medical services, cafes, mini markets, sports structures) 



Beach Activities



The tip of the breech


Here you will have all the freedom to use our beach activities, umbrellas and make the most of this paradise!

Without a doubt for many the best stop and the best that the Ria Formosa has to offer ! And so it is a must stop for those traveling in the Ria .

For many, the best deserted beach in the Algarve that is on the final tip of the island of Culatra that is on the final point of the island of Culatra where is possible to see the dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the light blue of the Ria Formosa!

You will have the opportunity to dive, swim and take unique photos! An authentic paradise! This beach is one of the most beautiful and quiet places in the Algarve, with a vast sandy beach, with plenty of space to relax!

It is an incredible pleasure to enjoy such an authentic beach, a hidden paradise on the island of Culatra.






explore the hangars


During World War I, the small enclave on Culatra Island was a naval aviation center for the fight against submarines.

The extensive, still uninhabited sandwas perfect for landing the Gaulish seaplanes that supported the submarine struggle. It is to the construction of two masonry hangars, facing the Ria Formosa, that this village owes its name.

Then he moved to the portuguese navy. Today, only memories and barbed wire remain.

There are few who have heard of the Hangars, but this village has much more history than the Algarve beaches clogged with tourists at the peak of summer.

The Beach of Hangares, accessible by boat or walking from the Lighthouse or Culatra.

The dune cord is immense, hot and dry and the village is very quiet.


Beach Bars




the lighthouse


Farol Island as it is called by the locals, is actually situated on the Island of Culatra in the municipality of Faro and, owes its name to the old Lighthouse of Cabo de St.ª. Maria, who resides there.

This island is part of the barrier islands that protect the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and is a must-see place.

It is currently more touristy in summer than in winter, and there are already plenty of accommodation available, which can be found on Airbnb.

But this paradisiacal beach has a long sandy beach that, if you going walking , gradually becomes more peaceful ! Allows relaxation, and offers space for families to spread all the buckets and shovels, without bothering the neighbors.

The waters are very calm and clear.






The deserted


Relax and sunbathe in tranquility on one of the quietest beaches in Portugal.

It is interesting to know that from this port begins a natural route on a high wooden walkway that reaches the beach itself.

On this wild island, once on the beach, the sand is immense and is lost in sight. Near Faro, it is known for its unspoilt nature, are about 10 kilometers of tranquility and silence, both on the sea beach and in the ria.

Here the cordon dunes preserves a typical vegetation and gives hostel to numerous marine species.

There are no houses on the island, the water is crystal clear and it is a quiet and idyllic spot for a day trip. The only building is a restaurant visible in the photos.


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