Frequently asked questions

Our boats and facilities will be disinfected before and each time of each use, the places of the vessel will be established according to the social distance between the different groups and indications of all procedures to be fulfilled imposed by the Directorate-General of Health.

The capacity of our boats is of 12 persons each .

The tours will be made only in navigable waters protected by the islands-batteira of the Ria Formosa , as such it will be difficult to feel sick , the only small waves caused is that of the passage of other boats that are only seconds.

We offer in the tours the above described, however, we advise you to bring beach towel, sunscreen and bathing shorts. 

During our tours we make several stops on deserted beaches and islands, in which will be given by the captain, a time to meet by all customers. During the stop all guests are free to perform the activities they want, which will also be advised by the captain of the vessel.

The reason for

Why travel with us?

Small Groups

We are a more familiar company and we work with groups of maximum 11 people, where we can offer the best attention and quality of tour!


Our team is composed of skippers with great experience and notion of responsibility. Professionalism is part of our daily life.


We have a lot of respect and empathy for all our customers and all those around us, we help in everything we can!