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The safety of our customers is our priority, we are a very responsible and professional team. You will not get nauseous on our boats, the navigation is very safe.

Price / Quality

Bet on quality, organize an unforgettable and unique tour in harmony with nature at an excellent price with an excellent quality of service.


The protection of our customers is very important for our team, so we will adopt as many possible safety measures and prevention and disinfection.

Welcome aboard!




Our boats are prepared and comfortable, to create an environment of relaxation and comfort, cleaning and disinfectantation are constant.

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Unique Moments

Rich in special moments, an odyssey of adventures and emotions in harmony with nature, a unique experience.

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Small group

The capacity of our boats are 10 and 12 persons ! What makes this experience have more quality !


Gastronomy and culture

Lunch an authentic dish from the region in a typical restaurant and learn a lot about the culture of the Ria Formosa and the Islands 


Deserted beaches

Ria Formosa beach’s are amazing  , invaded by tranquility and tranquility and a huge harmony with nature  


Traditions and customs

There are many stories and curiosities on this experience , we will observe and explain how everyone lives in the Ria, from fishing to leisure as techniques and knowledge.


About us

In this year 2022, our team is full of energy and we are prepared to provide you with a unique, educational and rich experience of special moments that will surely be unforgettable and stay in memory!

We bet a lot on safety and quality and work for the excellence of the tour, with excellent professionals on board prepared and aware of the danger of the Covid-19 virus, as such we will always act in the best possible way for the prevention of the virus.




It is a boat with a flat bottom, open mouth and a stern and stern quite erected, in crescent. It had four countertops, was used to tortoises, two for each board and a tassoch candle when the winds were favorable.

A more traditional and typical boat, for those who like a different experience! Now it has been prepared and designed exclusively as a walking boat and to be quite comfortable and comfortable, with a small bed at the bow, padded also with shade almost the entire boat.



With a slightly faster navigation, the bergão , is a very comfortable and familiar boat. The awning, very easy to assemble, gives shade to the whole boat, will give a very cozy and relaxing air.
Ideal for family outings or private walks.
It is prepared, safe and disinfected before and after each tour, following all the measures established by the Directorate-General for Health!

The reason for

Why travel with us?

Small Groups

We are a more familiar company and we work with groups of maximum 11 people, where we can offer the best attention and quality of tour!


Our team is composed of skippers with great experience and notion of responsibility. Professionalism is part of our daily life.


We have a lot of respect and empathy for all our customers and all those around us, we help in everything we can!